System Design & Fabrication

Our engineers in Abex Hydraulics & Engineering have many systems for use in many industries and factoring Whether it is a simple power unit or a system for specialized usage, we work together with the customer’s engineers to understand their needs to help in designing and fabrication.Designs are all done on CAD and fabricated according to customers specification and industy standards.

Installation & Piping

Using techniques hone through the years, our experienced team of technicians/engineers are capable ofdoing on-site installations & piping services which allows the best flow patterns, minimum pressure losses and the prevention of vibrations/shocks with ergonomics of the pipes and hoses in view.

Cylinder Design & Manufacture

Using Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs, our engineers can design all types and sizes(From 10mm bore to more than 650mm bore) of cylinders whether it is welded, tie-rod, telescopic, fast feed or more and manufacture the designed cylinders in compliance with OEM standards.

Trouble Shooting & Repairs

Our engineers are capable of providing quick On-site trouble shooting and repairs on any hydraulic/pneumatic systems in Thailand.

With 30 years behind our back, Abex Hydraulic & Engineering Co., Ltd has the experience in trouble shooting and identifying different types of hydraulic/pneumatic systems, whether it is for automative, oil industry or any others.

In addition, due to our testing facilities, we are also capable of testing individual repairing them individually in our engineering workshop.



Engineering Workshop

With floor around 2,000 SQ.M. Equipped with lathe machines, 2 Milling machines, Boring machine, Hose testing machine Calibration, Facilities, Overhead crane, Welding station (include stainless steel), Hydraulic Power Test Unit and Ultra high Jetting equipment. Our engineering are fully equipped to tackle any related services problems or fabrications jobs that our customers requires.

Commissioning & Testing

Commisioning and Testing of components parts are an essential part to know if the product is working as it should. A fully functional product working at the highest efficiency will allow for a cost-effective and more work efficient result.

Abex Hydraulics & Engineering provides customers with installation and commissioning services for their machines. A commissioning report is generated in this process to allow customers to know the conditions of the machines and be adviced on any improvement or safety features required for the operation of the machines.

We are capable of doing tests for all your hydraulic components with on-site equipments or through our testing facilities at our testing center.

Oil Flushing & Condition Monitoring

Oil Flushing and Condition Monitoring is an essential step for new or old hydraulic systems. With the low tolerances that exists in today’s high pressure hydraulic systems, any contaiminations are required to be removed before start up to ensure proper and predictable system performance throughout it’s service live.

Containminants may appear through containminated oil, worn out filter or newly constructed hydraulic systems. Our engineers here at Abex Hydraulic & Engineering is capable of monitoring your oil conditions using high technology equipments such as laster counters and advise you on the preventive actions to be taken to ensure good system performance, less down times and less maintainance for your hydraulic system.